Treatment of Sun-damaged Skin with I.P.L.

Skin Rejuvenation treatment with Intense Pulse light ( I.P.L. ) is a treatment that will either completely remove or fade sun-damaged skin. This can take years off your appearance. In severe cases of sun damage or uneven skin tone it can take fifteen years off your age leaving you with a bright,fresh, healthy looking complexion.
The safe, visible light emitted from the flash lamp makes your skin look smoother by removing age spots, freckles, diffused redness and uneven pigmentation is also reduced. Many women report that is is easier to apply makeup and less makeup is necessary.

At FreshFaces & Laser Clinic, I can help you get clear and revitalised skin with CryoPen treatment. This treatment encourages effective natural healing of the face/body and helps achieve incredible results by reducing the appearance of unwanted skin pigmentation.

Cryotherapy is recognised a a pain free treatment with no preparation and no follow-up care required. No anaesthesia is necessary. There is an ever increasing need to remove skin lesions for cosmetic reasons. Rapid, stress free and precise application will remove unsightly or irritating lesions, such as warts, skin tags, haemangioma, solar lentigines, brown liver spots on the hands or face etc.

What is a CryoPen?

The Cryopen delivers a nitrous oxide jet onto the treatment area for a matter of seconds. it will only treat the lesion and not the surrounding tissue. it is a safe, cold surgery, that is used to freeze and destroy benign skin lesions such as skin tags, warts and age spots.

Skincare products for home use

I have a range of very effective skincare products to take home with you. These products will continue to keep the pigmentation at bay, as they will replace your everyday skincare routine! Applying intelligent, science backed products on a daily basis will not only fade the pigmentation but they will also target other concerns such as ageing and acne prone skins.