Body Contouring

No need for liposuction, completely painless solution to reshape your body. These treatments are successful to contour your shape. This is a cost-effective and comfortable treatment.

Facials & Skin Treatments

Look after your skin with results driven treatments from FreshFaces. As experienced skin therapists, we offer a wide range of advanced facial treatments that can improve your skin concerns.

Dermapen Treatment

The Dermapen is revolutionary new method of performing collagen stimulation therapy.

Laser Hair Reduction

Our new and innovative laser system is an efficient and successful way of removing unwanted hairs painlessly. Clinically proven and known for its safety.


Skin rejuvenation treatment with Intense Pulse Light (I.P.L) and removal of unsightly or irritating lesions. Such as warts, skin tags, haemangioma, solar lentigines and brown liver spots with the Cyropen.

Acne Treatment

I have a selection of tried and tested products and supplements which target acne successfully. Correct home care is an essential part of achieving the results.

Thread Vein reduction

If you are concerned about the appearance of thread veins and find it a chore constantly covering them up, we have the solution for you.